A Visible Difference is a program of Mending the Soul, Inc. The goal of A Visible Difference is to provide resources to people who are hurting, by offering a message of hope layered into an understanding that oftentimes people need a very gentle start to uncover the hurts and wounds of the past. A Visible Difference is the initial touchpoint of healing that we hope will connect people to their story in the comfort and safety of their own home.


An online course for those who want to learn how abuse and trauma impact their daily life, for those who want to Discover more of their story. 

Discover is a free course offered to anyone interested in learning more about mental health, trauma and abuse. The purpose of the Discover course is to provide well researched education and healing strategies for abuse and trauma at no cost. It is for anyone with any pain, wounding, or trauma in their past – no matter their faith background,  socioeconomic status, race, or sexual identity. 

Discover provides instruction to fight the four main truths that trauma and abuse work to distort:

1. I am not Alone
2. I am not Crazy
3. I am not Worthless
4. I am not Powerless

Join with us as we seek to heal the world of the effects of trauma and abuse: with compassion and personal connection, which will result in a deep healing, bringing to light the visible difference in every single participant.


Mending the Soul, Inc is a Christian nonprofit organization that equips communities worldwide to offer an educated, compassionate response to abuse and other forms of trauma so that all can experience wholeness. We do this by providing transferable resources, training, and consultations that are psychologically informed and culturally relevant for community leaders and participants. For more information, go to Mendingthesoul.org.